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Information about this site

The images on this site are obtained from a variety of sources including other websites, forums and news groups as well as images submitted by users of the site. Our site serves as a convenient central repository for people looking for this kind of images, rather than having to search through a large number of different sites. These files are obtained in good faith and are believed to be freely distributable, however if you feel one or more of the images should not be presented here please get in touch to voice your concerns. If we receive a legitimate polite request we will aim to remove the images within 24 hours, although delays could occur due to other time commitments. However, before doing so please read the information below, especially the section on making a removal request:

We will remove your photos at your polite request and in good faith if you are:

If instead of removal, you would prefer attribution, a backlink, or an adjustment of the title / descriptive text accompanying the image please feel free to make such a request. We will consider all reasonable requests.

However, if we receive an impolite, offensive or false demand for removal, or later find out that a previous demand was false then we will consider you to have acted in bad faith and will thus do the bare minimum required by law.
In many cases were are not legally obliged to remove images, but will still do so if asked in a polite way. Act to antagonise us and we will be less inclined to help you.

Think before you act

Before you blindly send mails to thousands of websites asking for your pictures, consider the following...

When making a removal request

When we receive requests adhering to the following principles we will aim to action them within 24 hours.

Sending a request

To make a request for the removal of images, you have the following options:

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